The Ford Mach E

Well, Ford did it. Ford has gone out and put their own spin on an electric car. Today’s article might be a bit different because today there is no comparison. There is no competition. There’s just Ford’s all new electric SUV. Upon first glance, the car looks all mustang. But then you do a doubleContinue reading “The Ford Mach E”

Tesla CyberTruck

Summary Well… keeping in line with the electric car theme for the week, it seems Tesla had something to say in response to Ford entering their arena. They just broke into the pickup world with something absolutely insane. The Tesla Cybertruck looks so strange (to some hideous), and by means of performance it’s absolutely incredible.Continue reading “Tesla CyberTruck”

Should You Buy an Electric Car?

This is a question that is often asked in America, and around the world today. Now, we are going to give you an answer based on where you live, your income, and what electric car is best for you. It should be noted than the things talked about in this article will only be renewedContinue reading “Should You Buy an Electric Car?”