History of the Acura NSX (and its future)

Honda is one of the oldest names in the Japanese Automating Industry. It has put out legendary cars (Integra Type R, S2000, Civic Type R) and created legendary spinoffs (Acura, Honda Racing Corporation) . It also created VTEC, which is like… super cool. But today we aren’t going to focus on Honda as a whole,Continue reading “History of the Acura NSX (and its future)”

Upcoming Upshift Schedule

Writing articles at a constant pace is some pretty hard work, so after a 2 month hiatus UpShift is getting fresh, weekly content starting in April and going until May. These articles ARE guaranteed, and anything until or after is not promised. This schedule will help you see what articles are coming out when, andContinue reading “Upcoming Upshift Schedule”

Tesla Model S Wallpapers

The Electric Car revolution is now in front of us, and leading the charge is Elon Musk, and his automotive company, Tesla inc. Tesla was a long shot, but through the production of fantastic cars (like the stunning model S) it quickly became a favorite luxury car. Enjoy images of the 2nd quickest car everContinue reading “Tesla Model S Wallpapers”

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