Best Kids 12v Cars in 2019


As the Christmas season is approaching, the season of gift giving ensues. Your reputation is on the line. You, as the best gift giver, must continue your streak of unbeatable creativity. This year can be no different, but you have help. If you have any young child on your list of gift giving that enjoys cars, here is the list for you. We have composed a list of the best kid’s electric cars. And these aren’t just any typical 12 volt car, these are the exotic and performance based variants only.

Image of a White Pagani Zonda
White Pagani Zonda

This 12v Pagani Zonda comes with MP3/USB music, opening doors, LED lights, electronic steering, carbon fiber finish, and (get this) a leather seat. This kid’s Pagani is nicer than most cars currently on the market. It comes in white, yellow, and red and can be had for $274.00 and free shipping.

Image of a Mclaren 720s
Light Blue McLaren 720s

This 12v Mclaren 720s comes with a multifunctional steering wheel, music effects, Bluetooth function, butterfly doors, LED lights, active suspension, and two motors. It has leather seats, tops out at a blistering 5 KM/H, and will set you back $324.99. This kid’s Mclaren 720s is nuts. 

Image of Red Ferrari LaFerrari
Red Ferrari LaFerrari

This 12v Ferrari Laferrari comes with MP3/AUX availability, butterfly doors, LED lights, anti-skid tires, belt tensioning system, and a lather seat. This kid’s Ferrari LaFerrari can be had for $327.00.

Image of a Grey Bugatti Divo
Grey Bugatti Divo

This 12v Bugatti Divo looks simply insane. It comes with built in music, AUX/USB/MP3 availability, car engine noises, a horn, LED lights w/ effects, suspension, and locks. Yes, this kid’s Bugatti Divo comes with locks on it. It tops out at a mind-numbing 5 mph, and costs $269.99 

HD Image of a Red Tesla Model S
Red Tesla Model S

Topping off the list is this 12v Tesla Model S, that by far is the best of the bunch. From the electric carmaker comes this kid’s Tesla Model S that comes with a 2-speed system, MP3 sound system, a frunk, headlights, working horn, and its own supercharger. This Model S can be had for $600.00, but is the fastest (6 mph) and most technological car of the list.

12 Volt Ride On cars are the best car gifts for kids. This list hits the exotics and performance based ones, but many standard electric cars for kids can be had in the $100-$200 range. Most of these can be found on, but others on their individual websites. 

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