Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro – Images, Specs, History and More


Aston Martin has had a long history of making fast and luxurious cars. From Bond films to Formula 1, Aston Martin has managed to make its way to the pinnacle of whatever it decides to do, and they appear to have done it again. They (along with countless other companies) have created the greatest track car to ever exist. With input from the likes of Red Bull Racing and Adrian Newey to battery packs from Rimac, this car has the potential to be the greatest road-legal car of all time. But will the Valkyrie live up to the hype? Does it have Mclaren F1-like potential to be the car of it’s decade? We’re not sure yet, but we are sure that it will come from Aston Martin.

Lets start of with some Aston Martin Valkyrie specs. Aston Martin plans to make only 150 of these cars, selling each for 3.2 million USD. Aston Martin established a strict no-resale policy so that buyers can’t quickly make profit from selling their Valkyrie. The Valkyrie will feature a 6.5 liter V12 produced by Cosworth specifically for this car. The engine will put out 1,000 horsepower at an insanely high 10,500 RPM. However, this car doesn’t have just an engine. Performance cars today are leaning more and more on hybrid systems to add power and torque. An electric motor from Integral Powertrain adds 160 horsepower putting the total horsepower for the Aston Martin Valkyrie at 1,160 horsepower at 10,500 rpm. Torque is just as outstanding at 900 NM at 6,000 rpm. The Valkyrie will also have an 11,100 RPM red line and can do 0-60 in just 2.6 seconds. But perhaps the most outstanding feature of all is its incredibly low weight. Even with all the technology packed into it, the Valkyrie weighs a mere 2,271 pounds. But the Valkyrie isn’t even the topic of conversation today. The focus is on the Valkyrie’s sleeker, rarer, and faster brother: The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro
By Matti Blume – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro is a hyper-limited edition hypercar based off of the standard Valkyrie. Only 25 will be made, and they won’t be road legal. Aston Martin enthusiasts will have to endure a cost of 9.15 million dollars if they want to get their hands on a new one. That’s right, there’s a car that selling for almost 10 million dollars. It’s an advanced Valkyrie, which features advanced aero, power, and strips the car of weight. According to Aston Martin, the AMR will have a top speed of over 250 mph. The engine will be a modified version of the V12, and the styling is way more aggressive. Air conditioning and the infotainment system will be ripped out of the car to reduce weight.

Just looking at this car gets me excited about it. It looks like a straight up beast, built from the greatest minds of motorsport. So many companies got their hands in on this project, and that’s why it has the potential to be the greatest car of the decade. Like the Mclaren F1, it is what was put into it that makes it special. Formula Origins help a lot too, as input from AMRBR is sure to make this car the fastest of all time. The question is not if this car will break records, but when.


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