Upcoming Upshift Schedule

Writing articles at a constant pace is some pretty hard work, so after a 2 month hiatus UpShift is getting fresh, weekly content starting in April and going until May. These articles ARE guaranteed, and anything until or after is not promised. This schedule will help you see what articles are coming out when, and note they they will all be released at 7 am Central Time.

  • April 1: Acura NSX
  • April 8: Best Fun First Cars
  • April 15: Infiniti M45: Best Sports Car You’ve Never Heard Of
  • April 22: What Really is JDM?
  • April 29: Honda Beat
  • May 3: Aspark Owl
  • May 10: Convertibles suck. Period.
  • May 17: Why the Smart ForTwo is an Insane Sleeper
  • May 24: Veilside (Mazda) RX-7
  • May 31: ????? (Mystery)
  • June 7: Mitsubishi Eclipse: More Than a Crappy Coupe
  • June 14: Why Volkswagen Owns the Car World
  • June 21: Stop Buying SUV’s
  • June 28: Top 10 Summer Cars

Note: Sometimes car news may come out that UpShift will write a surprise article about. Those surprise updates will not effect this schedule.

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